16 March 2020

Stay fit 💪, keep well😀, be positive👍and wash your hands 💦🖐😊

The Club’s committee and team coaches have been discussing how we should respond to the current situation regarding Covid-19.

Fixtures were cancelled / postponed over the weekend and we have also decided to suspend all club activity until further notice.

We are continuing to monitor the status of the coronavirus outbreak and will update you as and when.

Thank you for your support to the Club; a few dates for your diary when this is all over…

The 29th Cambridge volleyball tournament is to be held on 1-2 August – it’s the biggest (fundraising) event of our club and we encourage every member in the club to support – eg. we’ll be looking for T-shirt designs soon! To get a feel of what the tournament is like, here’s last year’s event – https://vimeo.com/363929081

We’re also planning to hold our AGM (annual general meeting) over the weekend of 15-17th May – all members are invited to attend with parents to accompany junior members.  More information will be sent out in due course.

Stay fit 💪, keep well😀, be positive👍and wash your hands 💦🖐😊

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